5 Ways to Prevent Water Damage - Part 2

Welcome back to the Disaster Response blog! Today, we are continuing our two part series about how to easily avoid water damage. Watery disasters can occur a as a result of a variety of issues; in some instances, you can prevent the incident from happening and at other times, you can not. We want to give you the knowledge you need to easily prevent damage. Keep reading to learn more or read part one here.

Watch the water bill.

Our West Michigan homes are a complex system of pipes and other plumbing elements that give us the modern convenience of hot and cold water in our homes. Most of the plumbing of this system is hidden in the walls and floors, so when there is a problem, it is easy for it to go unnoticed until there is a major problem. If your water bill begins to increase, you may have a leaky pipe. If you think this is the case, call your local plumber! They can help you find the problem and hopefully fix the problem before it grows into a watery, moldy mess!

Utilize a drain snake.

Even if you are incredibly careful by catching hair before it goes down the drain and taking other preventive measures, your drains are most likely going to clog sooner or later. A lot of those chemicals that come in the medium-size orange bottles that claim to clear your drain—and they do for a time—also can eat away at your pipes and cause devastating damage later. No one likes touching the nasty, slimy gunk that builds up in our drains, but using a drain snake instead of these clearing chemicals is so much better for your plumbing. There are also ways to use a bent wire hanger to yank out all that gross clogging material. However, a drain snake is fairly inexpensive, can be used again and again, and can be found at nearly any local home improvement or hardware store.

Don’t put grease in your drain.

It’s easy to want to pour bacon grease and other greasy messes down the drain—out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, these greasy messes will come back to haunt you by clogging your drain. When the grease begins to cool, it hardens into a thick, gooey gunk that easily clogs up your kitchen plumbing creating a nightmare of a slow draining sink and, eventually, a sink that won’t drain at all. The mess of cleaning up a grease clogged drain is unpleasant. Save yourself the pain and agony, and pour unwanted grease into an old can or bag and, once it cools, throw it away.

Need Water Damage Restoration?

If we are a little too late and you have a watery catastrophe on your hands, call Disaster Response! We provide water damage restoration to West Michigan and beyond. We offer compassionate, comprehensive, and complete repair and restoration. Concerned about the insurance claims process? We can help you with that, too! We understand what needs to be done to not only get the work done that your home needs, but also to get the money that you are due from the insurance. If you have just woken up to a disaster, rest assured that you have someone on your side at Disaster Response. Call us day or night—we are here 24 hours a day, and seven days a week!


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