The Importance of Immediate Mold Remediation

The Importance of Immediate Mold Remediation

Have you ever walked into a home or business that smelled musty and old? There are many old homes that smell this way due to water damage that has seeped in over time. But what if it’s your home that smells this way? Your home might not be that old, but if you’ve ever had a water leak that soaked your carpet, you probably have mold damage.

When Water Damage Strikes

When water damage occurs, it must be treated as soon as possible to avoid long-term fallout. That leaky pipe may have been fixed over six months ago, but if the water soaked into your carpet, you’re likely still dealing with the mold that grew as a result of it. When the conditions and environment are right, it takes only 24 to 48 hours for mold to grow.  Mold spores feed on drywall, insulation, paper products, and anything that it can attach to. Once mold spores colonize, they grow into the big, black stains you’ve likely seen in home improvement photos. 

Prevent Mold Growth After Water Damage

To protect your home from mold after water damage, follow these steps. Be sure to check for stains and smells after completion.

Stop water at the source. Wherever the water is coming from, stop it from flowing through your home immediately. If an appliance has broken, turn off the water main. If the roof is leaking, call someone out to patch it.   

Get the water out. If it’s a small amount, mop it or blot it. If it’s a large amount, contact a water extraction company to get it out.

Dry it up quickly. Get a few large fans, turn them on high, and let the air flow. Open the windows and let the fresh air do its work. If you can’t open windows, use a dehumidifier to suck out excess moisture in the air.

Use a steam cleaner. Clean everything to prevent the mold from settling in. Once mold sets in, items will need to be replaced. From carpets to upholstery; if it took on water, it needs to be steam cleaned.

Sanitize all affected areas. If you hire a damage restoration company, they’ll sanitize your affected areas as part of their process. If you took on the problem yourself, sanitize anything that came in contact with the water. A solution of soap, chlorine, and water will do it, but it’s important to wear protective gear when using.

Make Sure That The Mold Is Gone

If you feel like your hard work and cleaning efforts didn’t take care of the matter completely, or if you feel that mold is still hiding somewhere in your home, contact a professional. Professionals who deal with mold problems on a daily basis can let you know what steps to take to eliminate the mold and musty smells once and for all. Mold in the home can be dangerous for all who live there, so getting rid of it quickly is essential to your good health.

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