Keeping Mold Out Of Your Workspace

Keeping Mold Out Of Your Workspace

Mold can cause a number of symptoms, and when its present in the workplace, these are symptoms that may travel with workers long after they leave the office for the day. Mold exists just about everywhere in microscopic spores carried through the air, but with the right environments present, these spores begin to feed and bloom into dangerous levels that wreak havoc on the human body. 

Mold prevention is crucial to homes and businesses all across the Grand Rapids, MI area. With proper prevention measures in place, business owners can rest assured they’re doing their very best for their own health, the health of their employees, and that of their clients and customers as well. 

4 Tips For Business Mold Prevention 

There are a number of things businesses can do to prevent mold growth in their workplaces. 4 tips for keeping mold out of your business include: 

  1. Have a professional mold evaluation – Mold grows in any environment where organic compounds meet humidity or moisture, and it surprises many just how many locations like this are present in their workplaces. A professional mold evaluation will not just determine if there is hidden mold growth already, but if there are problem areas where mold is likely to begin growing in the future. 
  2. Provide proper ventilation – Improper ventilation allows the air to become warm and humid, creating the ideal environment for mold to thrive. All combustion appliances within your business should be properly ventilated, including ovens, stoves, furnaces, water heaters, and clothes dryers with ventilation systems guiding this warm and humid air outside. Even businesses that do not use such appliances should be properly ventilated to allow air warming due to computer exhaust or activity to be kept under control. 
  3. Monitor the humidity of your indoor air – If you’re not sure just how humid your indoor air is during any point in a day, a humidity monitor can provide great help. With just a glance, keep in the know of the moisture level in your indoor air and ventilate accordingly. 
  4. Use mold prevention products – In some businesses, there will be rooms that are simply mold prone. Not every room within a building will be able to be amply ventilated at all times, and mold can begin to grow within these regions with shocking rapidity. Renovations using drywall that is not mold friendly, mold resistant paints, and EPA approved fungicides in these regions can help to keep your business mold-free. 

The Effects Of Mold Exposure 

The effects of mold exposure can come on slowly, causing something of a mystery amongst those in your business building as to what may be causing them to feel this way. Headaches, flu like symptoms, worsened asthma, respiratory illnesses, sinus infections, and skin rashes are just a few of the most common symptoms drawing from exposure to mold spores. With proper mold prevention measures put in place, you can keep all working in or visiting your Grand Rapids, MI safe from the daunting effects of mold. 

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