I Found Mold In My Basement. Now What?

I Found Mold In My Basement. Now What?

If you’ve uncovered mold in your basement, the first thing you’re probably asking yourself is, “What do I do now?” With so many stories and statistics about the dangers of having mold in your home, finding it in the corner of your basement can be stressful. Many people have no idea where to turn when they discover mold, but getting on top of the situation is important. Finding a company to help you with your problem is the first step in relieving your stress. 

Where Is There Mold In My Basement?

Mold can be found everywhere, both indoors and out. It’s part of the ecosystem and has its own purpose for being. Mold is harmless until it begins to grow in elevated levels inside a home. To grow, it requires moisture, warmth, and food, and many times it grows in homes as a result of an excessive moisture build up. This build-up can come from a serious event such as flooding, or a minor event such as a slight elevation in the indoor humidity levels.

Basements have a tendency to lack proper air circulation and drainage, making them the perfect host for mold growth. Water seepage is a common occurrence in the foundation and walls unless construction precautions are taken. With so many ways for mold to thrive in any basement, mold is inevitable. The most common causes of basement mold include:  

  • High humidity – over 55%
  • Water leaking or seeping through foundation walls
  • Flooding
  • Poor air circulation
  • Condensation from ducts

What Is Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation is the process of removing mold that includes  cleaning, sanitizing, demolition, or other treatments. It typically pertains to mold in the home, but it can also include mold-contaminated matter such as furniture and household items. Mold remediation also includes preventive activities that can be done to lessen the chance of future growth or re-growth.

Once the source of the mold is identified, the problem must be fixed to ensure discontinuation of growth. Before the work begins to remove the mold, the surrounding area must be contained to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Only then can the removal and sanitation process begin. 

Restoring And Reconstructing After A Loss

No matter how large or small, we can assist with any loss, emergency, or claim involving flood & water, fire & smoke, or mold. Every claim is handled by our trained and certified staff members. Not only are we a full-service insurance repair company, we do full-service remodeling that includes additions and roofing. 

We are a local business who provides solutions for the community and surrounding areas. We specialize in 24/7 emergency disaster restoration and reconstruction services for both residential and commercial properties. Caring about people as much as we care about their homes and business is the number one reason we’re so good at what we do. Contact us today to get your home, business, and life back to where it should be; happy and safe.

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