11 of Mold's Favorite Hiding Spots: The Attic, Basement, & Garage

11 of Mold's Favorite Hiding Spots: The Attic, Basement, & Garage

Hello and welcome back to Disaster Response’s blog! We hope that you are enjoying the holiday season! Earlier this month, we have been covering the rooms of the house that are prone to black mold and specific areas in those rooms that can give mold the opportunity to move in and make itself comfortable. Mold can appear anywhere and loves places that are damp, dark, and humid. If you keep up on your cleaning, monitor the humidity levels of your home, and cleanup and fix leaks and accidents, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about when it comes to mold. However, it is a good idea to know which areas of your home are extra prone to mold and what to look for. Today, we are going to talk about the areas in the attic, basement, and garage which can be easily susceptible to mold.

The Attic

The attic can be a place with a high potential for mold, if you have any leaks or if there is a place of high humidity and warmth. Mold likes to congregate around vents such as those from the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room and your attic’s soffits. Your insulation can also be a place where mold can easily take up residence if it gets wet.

To Keep Mold Out of Your Attic:

  • Always fix leaks right away and properly dry everything that is affected. If the area has become wet and has been wet for a while, you may want to get a mold test.
  • Be sure that your attic has proper and enough ventilation. Clean vents regularly to make sure they still have proper air flow.
  • Clean your gutters regularly to avoid leakage.

The Basement

The basement seems like an obvious place to check for mold. It’s dark and sometimes prone to dampness. We’ve all been down in an old basement and wondered what that smell was. Dealing with mold in your basement isn’t the norm. However, if mold decides to take up residence in your basement, it may hang out in a few areas including around pipes and ductwork, cracks in your foundation, near your sump pump, and leaky windows or vents.

To Kick Mold Out of Your Basement:

  • Keep your home around a 40-50 percent humidity level and employ a humidifier if needed.
  • Utilize waterproof and mold-resistant paint.
  • Check and repair any cracks in your foundation and make sure your windows are properly sealed.
  • Install proper ventilation and fix any drainage issues that your basement or home may have.

The Garage

Even the garage can’t escape this dreadful organism. Like the basement and attic, mold can accumulate in your basement. However, if you take proactive steps and keep your eyes open for signs of mold, then you can easily kick it to the curb. Mold tends to accumulate if there has been standing water in your garage, if storage items have gotten wet, if your garage doesn’t have proper ventilation, and if items in your garage haven’t been moved in a long time.

How to Get Mold Out Of Your Garage:

  • Always keep humidity at proper levels using proper ventilation and a dehumidifier.
  • Make sure your garage doors and windows are sealed properly.
  • Always clean up water and dry affected areas properly.
  • Use waterproof and mildew-resistant paint.

Having mold anywhere in your West Michigan home isn’t normal. It is toxic to your health and if not checked, can create disastrous circumstances that can mean thousands of dollars of damages. Always take care of mold as soon as possible.

If you’re unsure if mold is residing in your home in West Michigan, call us for a mold test! Though in some cases a simple spray can take care of surface mold problems, sometimes, if a mold test comes back positive, there is a need for mold removal. Whether you’ve just come home to burst pipes and the subsequent damage or you think you’ve had a mold problem for a long time, call Disaster Response. We offer professional mold testing and mold removal services that you can rely on. Also, we can help you through the entire claims process. Visit our website to learn more and contact us now!

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