Useful Info About The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Useful Info About The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Merely hearing the word house fire is enough to make some people cringe. Nobody plans for the event, unless they are members of the fire department who are training. Sometimes, one thing just leads to another and flames wreak havoc on a home. Typically, these fires fall into one of two categories. The first is an isolated event, which is pretty self-explanatory.

The incidents usually take place in the kitchen, around a fireplace, or perhaps, even in the attic around a heating unit. Normally, the flames can be extinguished pretty quickly, and the damage is somewhat isolated to a single location. Meanwhile, the other category is a full-blown house fire. The amount of destruction that the fire leaves in its wake is unimaginable.

Possessions become destroyed, memories lost, and to make matters worse, the property is left unlivable. Persons are stuck between a rock and a hard place looking for a place to stay, and if no belongings were salvageable, they have nothing to take with them. There is one thing that may brighten an individual's day though, which is, fire damage restoration can reverse the damage. It cannot replace goods or memories, but it can restore your home to a livable state again.

Assessment Is The First Part Of The Process

After investigators have deemed the home safe, the fire damage restoration technician will complete a walkthrough of the entire premises. He or she will assess the situation and come up with a decisive plan on how to move forward. Then, it is just a matter of executing the strategy.

Mitigation And Cleanup Come Next

Every last system becomes compromised in a full-blown house fire. Therefore, the team will have to take certain steps before they do anything else. For instance, they will have to contact utility companies to shut off the water, electricity, and gas. Once all that good stuff is finished, then, agents will begin removing the smoldering ashes.

After removing the ash, the fire damage restoration crew will use advanced equipment for the cleanup. Items that are commonly utilized include but are not limited to HEPA Vacuums, air scrubbers, and negative air fans. Don't forget, the fire department probably dumped a lot of water on the house too. Hence, aside from eliminating the smoke, soot, and dust, the water damage restoration process begins here as well. 

Finally, The Restoration Starts

During the last step, the team works diligently to replace, restore, and repair damaged components around the house. The group takes the time to make sure everything is done right, but they also work quickly and efficiently. After all, they want to get the displaced homeowners back in their house as fast as possible, but they also don't want them to have any problems after doing so.

Furniture, wallpaper, carpeting, and cabinets all get fixed. Heck, the technicians will even add a coat of paint as necessary. So, if you and your family need fire damage restoration, be sure to pick a top-notch company to get the job done right.

Give Disaster Response a call for all of your fire damage restoration needs, no matter how big or how small.

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