The Importance Of Restoring Immediately After a Fire Has Occurred

The Importance Of Restoring Immediately After a Fire Has Occurred

The aftermath of a fire can be both emotionally and financially devastating. The immediate safety concerns are obvious, but what many don’t realize is returning to a fire damaged building after the fact is very hazardous to our health. If you’ve experienced a fire, you need the support of a fire restoration company to help restore your property to safety.  

Cleaning Up After A Fire Can Be Dangerous

Once the fire is finished, you may be tempted to enter your property and see what you can salvage. However, fire can destroy the integrity of a building and leaves behind dangers carcinogens. There are some rules to follow before entering a building after a fire that can help keep you safe: 

  • - Do not enter unless a professional has verified that the structure is safe. 

  • - Do not go around police/fire barricades. Fires can reappear and you don’t want to be caught in a danger zone.

  • - Do not approach downed power lines or electrical wiring. 

  • - Do not enter if there are any structural concerns. Wait until the building is cleared.

  • - Do not enter where there is standing water.

  • - Hire a professional fire restoration company. 

The Importance Of Hiring A Fire Damage Restoration Service

The thing to remember with DIY or hiring a work crew that doesn’t specialize in fire restoration, it can result in more damage and long term issues. In contrast, the professionals at Disaster Response are trained and well-educated to deal with any and every situation that may occur. Our fire restoration services in ( include:

  • - Saving as many valuables and belongings on your property with special attention given to expensive appliances and heirlooms.

  • - Recording everything being removed from your home using notes and photographs

  • - Returning all your safe to use appliances or furniture once the clean up is done.

  • - Completing the job quickly and efficiently to get you back to your home. 

  • - Ensuring there are no potential problems that may cause trouble in the future. 

How Do I Find a Fire Damage Restoration Company

Finding a qualified fire restoration company in ( can be a challenge. You want a company that is experienced, works with your insurance company, and is affordable.  Here are five requirements to choose the right company:

  1. - Offers Immediate Response: Most restoration companies will arrive to your home in less than an hour. If they are not open 24/7 consider someone else.

  2. - Licensed, Insured, And Trained: Choose only companies that are licensed, have insurance and are staffed with well trained technicians.

  3. - Provides References: Look online for reviews of the company or any local references. 

  4. - Does A Full Assessment: Before any work can start, there must be a thorough assessment. A reputable restoration company will not promise you immediate results as they have no idea how much water damage is in your home. 

  5. - Has All The Necessary Equipment: Make sure the company has the most advanced restoration and techniques available for your budget. 

The team at Disaster Response meets all of these qualifications and more. Our knowledgeable team can do a 100% restoration and ensure that your property is safe to enter again. Give us a call at our ( office to learn more. 

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