Dealing With Water Damage After A Fire

Dealing With Water Damage After A Fire

When you think about a fire in your Grand Rapids, MI property, you’re likely going to think about fire damage first. However, what many don’t realize is that along with fire damage comes water damage, and this is caused by the water used to put out the fire in the first place. Unfortunately, water damage seems somewhat inconsequential compared to the structural damage that fire causes, and this means it’s likely an afterthought after a fire has occurred. This doesn’t ring true for property owners of the Grand Rapids area, who are then left with water damage and all of its associated costs after a fire occurs in their space. 

Water Damage And Restoring Your Area Property 

After the fire has been put out, and the structure of your Grand Rapids, MI property has been approved as sound, it’s time to deal with the water damage your property has been exposed to. A few different factors contribute to your water damage, and these factors include: 

  • Standing water damage – There is a lot of water that comes in when a fire is being put out. Enough water is used, in fact, to cause standing water damage all throughout your space. This standing water likely remained in the space for some time as the structural soundness of the property has been assessed, and it has done its damage to your space. 
  • Contaminated water – Not only is standing water a major water damage issue, but the water is also often heavily contaminated. The water has been exposed to soot, smoke, and debris while the fire was being put out, and may have contributed to additional exposures as its been allowed to stand within the space for days at a time. 
  • Mold growth – Mold growth could perhaps be the biggest ongoing issue when handling water damage after a fire. Mold spores are invisible until they aren’t, and they aren’t when they band together and thrive within a space. Mold feeds off of the cellulose used in drywall, clothing, books, and other belongings, and it’s notoriously difficult to completely eradicate. The moisture that water damage causes, combined with a food source and the right indoor temperature, creates the perfect environment for mold to flourish. Once you think mold is gone, it could come surging back. 

Effective And Safe Restoration 

Part of effective and safe restoration after a fire occurs is water damage restoration. Once the property has been cleared for structural soundness, you’re left with an entirely new mess that may seem even more difficult than the damage caused by the fire. Due to the hazards associated with water damage after a fire, restoration after the fact should always be left up to the professionals. Professional water damage restoration after a fire ensures that standing water is sufficiently cleaned, mold has been taken care of, and contaminated water does not further contaminate your health or your space. After a professional restoration, your space will be left clean, fresh, and ready to be enjoyed once again. 

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