We Had a Fire. Now What?

We Had a Fire. Now What?

Fires are events that we think happen to other people. We thank a higher-power, “heaven,” or fate that we have never come home to our home in flames or dealt with the aftermath of a fiery accident at our business. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and fires, even with the best precautions can occur. However, when a fire engulfs your home or just burns a section of our room, know that there is a restoration company in West Michigan that is here to help you not only assess the damage, but also help you with the cleanup and fire damage restoration process.

Disaster Response is here to help you day or night, any day of the week with our emergency disaster services. In addition to helping you pick up the pieces after a fire, we can make sure that you are getting all that you deserve from the insurance company. Often insurance inspectors overlook aspects of homes, especially those which are historically restored or customized. We would love to make sure that you get what you need and deserve. Though the amount of fire damage or smoke damage varies and so the fire restoration process will be different for each instance, below is a general idea of what to expect when you call us for fire damage repair and what you should do after a fire.

Contact Us Immediately

Though you may think that once the fire is out, the damage is done, this is not the case. If a fire burned a hole in your roof and it rains, your property will be damaged not only from the fire but from rain or other weather or animals living in the area. It is best to cover the exposed area of your home or business immediately. Also, if the structure of your property was compromised in the fire, it is best to call a restoration company right away so they can begin repairs as soon as possible. As restoration experts, we can give you tips for protecting your family and home after a fire if you are still able to enter it.


The next step in the process, as you can imagine is the assessment. Having a professional fire damage restoration company assess your home is crucial. For, if the true extent of the damage is not found then your home may not receive all needed repairs, making living in your home unsafe: if the damage of your home is ignorantly or deceitfully exaggerated then you may be paying more than you should for unnecessary repairs. For this reason, Disaster Response offers professional assessment services, so that you can rest assured knowing that we did not miss any needed repairs and we will never ask you to pay for more than you need. We can also make sure that you are getting what you need from the insurance company.

Sealing & Clean Up

Next, our restoration company will help you seal your home so that no further damage will occur. Often, water damage is closely associated with fire damage; as mentioned earlier, holes in the roof and other damage caused by the fire can create additional opportunities for water damage, mess and damage caused by pests, and more. The actual clean up process will differ depending on the building type and the extent of the fire. However, most fire damage restoration will include getting rid of the smell left by a fire, removal of stains and burned furniture, smoke damage, and soot.

Stay tuned for more posts about fire damage restoration in West Michigan and if you have recently experienced a fire, call Disaster Response now! We can offer all needed and professional services to get you back on your feet again. Visit our website to learn more!

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