Mold Damage and What it Means for Your Home

Mold can be found in a variety of places in our everyday world: our food and drink, such as bread, beer, and cheese, as well as in nature as pests that impair the growth and health of our trees and other plants. Mold is normally found in moist areas...Read More

Understanding Smoke Damage: Part 1

Understanding Smoke Damage: Part 1

If you are just joining us, last week we talked about mold damage and how it can affect not only the structure of your home or business, but also your health. If you think you may have water damage and are in need of mold removal, do...Read More


Basement Flooding: Common Causes - Part 2

Welcome back to our blog! Last week, we began discussing the common causes of flooded basements. In most cases, flooded basements are the result of a clog in the sewer or storm sewer that causes it to back up in your home (gross!). Other causes are...Read More


Basement Flooding: Common Causes - Part 1

In our last few blogs we talked about water damage and and the common causes. Though some basements will incur water damage from catastrophic level flooding, most of the causes of water damage result from avoidable circumstances, such as the care...Read More